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  • Your health data is others’ wealth

    Access to people’s health data holds the power to influence the governance of their bodies and lives, explains Radhika Radhakrishan in this essay that was first published by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung in Delhi on 2 November 2021. Read it below, or on the HBS website if you’d like to see the accompanying images as well!   More


  • Dr. Anja Kovacs, Director of the Internet Democracy Project, was interviewed by The Swaddle, on reimagining the Internet and the political economy of data. In a conversation with Shrishti Malhotra, Producer at The Swaddle, she discussed using the feminist idea of consent to prevent data misuse, how anonymity can empower women online, and why we need to reimagine how data governance works. The Swaddle turned the interview into three short videos and an hour long podcast. Check them all out here.   More


  • Deep Impact: COVID-19, surveillance technology and marginalised identities

    By Kaagni Harekal, Meera Devi & Khabar Lahariya Bureau This essay is the culmination of a special collaboration between Khabar Lahariya and the Internet Democracy Project, that aimed to bring ground realities relating to technology use and related surveillance during COVID-19 to the forefront. It also sought to highlight the challenges surrounding current response mechanisms to the pandemic that are centred on technology. The essay is a commissioned piece produced by Khabar Lahariya. It can also be accessed on Khabar Lahariya’s website.   More

  • भारत में कोविड‑19 के दौरान सम्मिलित सर्विलांस: एक नारीवादी नज़रिया

    एक कश्मीरी मुसलमान सलीम (बदला हुआ नाम) मार्च 2020 की सुबह अपने फ़िक्रमंद रिश्तेदारों की फोन कॉल से जागे, जो बता रहे थे कि उसका नाम और फोन नंबर एक सार्वजनिक सरकारी सूची में छपा है. इस सूची में क़रीब 650 लोगों का ब्योरा था, जो संदिग्ध रूप से उस …   More

  • नई पत्रिका: भारत में COVID-19 के दौरान हाश्याकृत समुदायों पर निगरानी के अनुभव

    अगस्त और सितंबर के महीनों में सोशल मीडिया के माध्यम से हमने आपके सामने कोविड 19 के दौरान की जाने वाली तकनीकी निगरानी के अनुभवों को 8 विगनेट्स के रूप में प्रस्तुत किया। अब हम आपके लिए हमारी नई पत्रिका लेकर आए हैं, जो एक ही स्थान पर सभी विगनेट्स को एक साथ जोड़ती है। भारत में कोविड‑19 के दौरान हाश्याकृत समुदायों पर निगरानी के अनुभवों के कई अलग-अलग पहलुओं को बेहतर ढंग से समझने के लिए, नीचे दी गए पत्रिका को पढ़ें!   More

  • Check out our new zine on the lived experiences of surveillance at the margins during COVID-19 in India!

    Throughout the months of August and September, we brought to you, through social media, eight accounts of people’s experiences of tech surveillance during COVID-19, in the form of vignettes. Now we present you our Zine, which bundles all the vignettes together in one place. To better understand the many different facets of the lived experiences of surveillance during COVID19 of people at the margins in India, read the Zine below!   More

  • Embodied surveillance during COVID-19 in India: A feminist perspective

    Guidelines on public mobility may be needed to control community transmission. However, when this is carried out in a manner that evokes fear without taking into account the socio-economic contexts and needs of people, then it is not the disease being controlled, but rather the bodies of people through threats of collecting their data. This article was originally published for Observer Research Foundation (ORF) CyFy Edit here.   More


  • New video: Access to technology – The skewed sex ratio

    This is the third and last video of the three-episode series Deep impact: COVID-19, surveillance technology & marginalised dentities”, developed in collaboration with Khabar Lahariya, the country’s only rural digital news network, which reports on issues that are far from the attention of national and regional media.   More