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by Anja Kovacs
in Data

Dr. Anja Kovacs, Director of the Internet Democracy Project, was interviewed by The Swaddle, on reimagining the Internet and the political economy of data. In a conversation with Shrishti Malhotra, Producer at The Swaddle, she discussed using the feminist idea of consent to prevent data misuse, how anonymity can empower women online, and why we need to reimagine how data governance works.

The Swaddle turned the interview into three short videos and an hour long podcast. Check them all out here.

The first video examines how the Sulli Deals scandal forces us to rethink data abuse and how it highlights the flaws in our understanding of data.

The second video addressed the question: can understanding sexual consent change how we look at privacy online? Can the feminist idea of consent change how we think about privacy online?

The third video explored whether it is ok for online complaints of sexual harassment to be anonymous. How can anonymity online empower women and sexual minorities?

The full podcast can be listened to here: