At the Internet Democracy Project, we believe that the Internet is irrevocably changing democratic societies. Whether it is work or entertainment, education or politics, no area of our lives functions in the same way it did even a decade ago.

But if that is the case, what does that mean for our struggles and visions for social change in the democratic world? In the midst of all the changes wrought by digitisation and datafication, how do we ensure freedom, justice, equality and dignity for all?

It is the drive to find an answer to these questions that lies at the heart of the Internet Democracy Project’s work. In particular, we are working towards realising feminist visions of the digital in society by exploring and addressing power imbalances in the areas of norms, governance & infrastructure. Why feminist? Because by taking the experiences and realities of the most marginalised women as well as those belonging to sexual minorities at its starting point, feminism always aims to challenge systemic inequalities. And that is what we aim to do too.

The Internet Democracy Project is an initiative of Point of View.

The work of the Internet Democracy Project has been supported by Access Now, the Association for Progressive Communications, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Global Partners Digital, the Sigrid Rausing Trust, the Shuttleworth Foundation, SMEX and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

We are a proud member of the Data Governance Network.