Lived experiences of surveillance at the margins during COVID-19 in India

Page 7 Shaik Salauddin

Indian Federation Of App Based Transport Workers

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Companies, like Ola, Uber, Dunzo etc., why don’t they integrate Aarogya Setu in their own app’s software? [If] for example, I have… the Uber app, I am the Uber CEO. I can integrate Aarogya Setu in my app, I can do that, right? Why is the company not doing it? Because its data will get stolen.”

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You don’t want your data to get stolen but the driver’s data is bound to get stolen. Rich people do not have the Aarogya Setu app. Even less people who belong to the middle class have it. Only the lower category’ people, third class’ citizens, who are daily wage earners… they have it… The richest do not use it. Don’t they know about the app? Do they not trust the app? Do they have a fear that their data will get stolen? Do they think that the app will reveal who they are meeting, mingling, or travelling with?”

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You made an app, it’s a private app. I do not have any trust in that app. It should be my wish and not the company’s [to download it]. If it’s the company’s wish, then they should integrate it into their own app… Why don’t you [they] do that? Because the company’s data will get stolen. If the company is worried about the drivers and the delivery boys, then let me know: how many drivers were given N‑95 masks? How many were given gloves from the company? How many drivers got a protection sheet installed in their vehicles by the company?”

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You tell me, if a passenger enters my car, they don’t have the Aarogya Setu app, how will I know whether they are [COVID-19] negative or positive?”

Translated From Hindi