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There are several sections within the sex workers community. There are some sex workers who are earning a lot and who are technologically [knowledgeable]… They can do a video call and [use] Paytm.”

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Most of the members of communities of the sex workers are standing on the road… They are in a really sad state… and I don’t know when they will again start their work and all so the situation is pathetic for the trans sex workers, migrant trans labour, bar dancers, trans beggars etc…”

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There is… social distancing and sanitisers… caps and… goggles and all this stuff and I don’t even know how possible [all this] is for the trans community… We have no idea how many days we can survive like this.”

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Is the technological development for mankind? Or [is] the technological development for the few people who have some ability and who get some systematic privilege?”