The SIF pre-event is held in the run-up to the Stockholm Internet Forum, with a day of unconference sessions. Nayantara from Internet Democracy Project collaborated with persons from Tactical Technology Collective and digital security trainers and privacy advocates on a session called ‘The art of making tech work for you: How to improve your privacy and security when engaging online’ in which we explored the current challenges to online abuse, and what tools and strategies have worked in different contexts.

At the pre-event, persons from low and middle income countries were invited to participate in the sessions.

The first part of the day was geared towards understanding gendered aspects of access to technology and involved speed-geeking’ sessions on discussing themes of Availability & affordability, Capacity & empowerment, Content, services & applications, Human rights, culture & society and Decision-making. The interactive session on Recipes for inspiring Digital Revolutionaries’ had persons sharing experiences of successful digital rights campaigns from Latin American countries.

At The art of making tech work for you’ session, digital security trainers and privacy advocates from different contexts shared individual and collective tools and strategies used to counter online abuse. As part of this sharing, we presented a sneak-peek into Internet Democracy Project’s to-be-released project on online abuse called Don’t Let It Stand’.