May 2015 08

Net Neutrality and the Future of Digital India

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

This day-long seminar and panel discussion is organised by OP Jindal Global University. Anja Kovacs is speaking in the session on ‘India’s Internet: Voices for its Protection and Promotion’.

The objective of this seminar is to promote a discussion and debate on the substantial legal, regulatory and policy issues surrounding the ongoing debate on net neutrality in India. The seminar aims to provide a platform for initiating a multistakeholder, inter-disciplinary discussion among experts promoting ideas for bettering governance of India’s digital future.

Guests of honour include Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha); Dr. Govind, Chief Executive Officer, National Internet Exchange of India; and Dr. Rahul Khullar, Chairman, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

Anja’s co-panelists include

  • Dr. Geeta Gauri, Former Member, Competition Commission of India;

  • Dr. Mahesh Uppal. Director, ComFirst;

  • Mr. Jiten Jain, Chief Executive Officer, Indian InfoSec Consortium;

  • Prof. Avirup Bose, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, Centre for International Trade and Economics Laws, JGLS.

The panel is moderated by Professor Stephen P. Marks, Harvard University, USA and Distinguished Visiting Professor, JGLS.