Nov 2015 20

ICRIER Collective Stakeholder Discussion on “Assessing the value of an open internet for India”

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

The discussion on “Assessing the value of an open internet for India” is being organised by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations on the 20th of November 2015. Nayantara Ranganathan will be representing the Internet Democracy Project at the event.

The meeting seeks to enable discussions on the importance of openness” of the Internet and its role in capitalising on the gains from the Internet economy. Noticing the lack of research in measuring the economic impact of Internet openness, ICRIER sees the need to bridge this evidence gap in order to help in optimising policy formulation pertaining to Internet regulation in India.

To that end, ICRIER is conducting research on quantifying the value of an open Internet for India. As part of this research, ICRIER is engaging with stakeholders through this event to understand the distribution of value across the links of India’s value chain and its interaction with openness.