Nov 2016 14 – 16

This event is organised by the Internet and Jurisdiction Project and will address the increasing tensions concerning the application of national laws on the cross-border Internet. Dr. Anja Kovacs from the Internet Democracy Project has been invited to intervene as a discussant in Workstream II on content and jurisdiction.

The cross-border nature of the internet has generated unprecedented economic, social, and political benefits for humanity; however, tensions concerning the application of national laws on the global Internet are increasing.

In response to a pressing need for more collaboration among all actors to preserve the global character of the internet, the Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference will gather key senior participants from governments, businesses, technical operators, civil society, academia, and international organizations to specifically address the issue of jurisdiction for the first time on a global level.

The conference of the global multistakeholder policy network Internet & Jurisdiction will build on progress achieved since 2012, providing a unique opportunity to take stock of the current state of jurisdiction on the internet.

The objectives of the Global Internet and Jurisdiction Conference are to build trust between the different stakeholders, bridge policy silos, and enable multistakeholder cooperation. It aims to catalyze the development of shared cooperation frameworks and policy standards that are as transnational as the internet itself in order to promote legal interoperability and establish due process across borders.