Aug 2016 12

Encryption Policy round table

Viceregal, The Claridges

The Observer Research Foundation is holding a multistakeholder consultation on encryption on August 12, 2016 at Viceregal, The Claridges, New Delhi. Nayantara Ranganathan from the Internet Democracy Project will attend the consultation.

Observer Research Foundation is holding the multistakeholder consultation in light of a second draft of the encryption policy released by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology. The discussions will highlight inputs from the three main stakeholder groups affected by an encryption policy: civil society and end users, the private sector and government.

The first draft of the encryption policy was released in late 2015, but withdrawn subsequently due to concerns raised by civil society and the private sector.

Civil liberties and constitutional rights implicated by encryption, needs of businesses to secure data flows, legitimate access to data for law enforcement purposes etc. will be discussed in the course of the meeting.