Sep 2016 08 – 11

The International Media Conference is organised by the East West Centre.

Dr. Anja Kovacs is speaking on and moderating a panel on ‘Cybersecurity and Journalism’.

India has been growing as a global power, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accelerated the country’s Act East” policy. East Asia in turn is increasingly looking toward new connections in South Asia.

These new relationships will also create new challenges, and media, specifically social media, will play an increasingly important role as a major connector in the world’s most dynamic region. These factors, coupled with India’s lively, free media and flourishing IT sector make New Delhi the right place at the right time for the East West Center’s 2016 International Media conference, providing the opportunity to look at the complexity and diversity of the largest democracy in the world.

Keynote speakers and participant-led panels will look at security and diplomatic challenges, increasing economic connectivity, sustainability challenges, and new and emerging media developments across East and South Asia. The conference will also look at the future of the U.S. rebalance in the Asia Pacific region.

Dr. Anja Kovacs is speaking on and moderating a panel on Cybersecurity and Journalism’ on 11 September, 2.153.10 pm, at the Stein Auditorium.

The EWC’s biennial three-day International Media Conferences held in important Asian cities have built a large and dedicated following among a wide range of professionals around the world, making the event one of the premier media gatherings in the Asia Pacific. A major conference driver is the networking opportunity across multiple professions, countries and regions.