NEW DELHI — The Safety Summit is all set to be held on August 28, 2018, at Silver Oak Hall India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The event is being organized by SheThep​eo​ple​.TV in association with Facebook, UN Women and Colors.

This year Ankhi Das from Facebook, Mahima Kaul from Twitter, Sunita Mohanty from Google, Advocate Talish Ray, Activist Gurmehar Kaur, KG Suresh from IIMC, Anja Kovacs from Internet Democracy Project, Kalpana Vishwanath from Safetipin and Kiran Manral, Ideas Editor and Shaili Chopra Founder SheThep​eo​ple​.TV will be the key speakers.

Every year SheThePeople brings together a diverse group of leaders in safety and technology for our Safety Summit. This year we are in Delhi to lighthouse major safety challenges that the community is facing. The #Safety Summit is a collective conversation on current issues that can help us understand our ever-changing digital environment. It is an effort, that will build on challenges, solutions shared issues to reflect on the future that’s ahead of us.

It is an opportunity for professionals working in the field of online and digital safety to learn more about the current issues faced by women and hear evolving approaches and solutions by our expert panel of speakers.

One of the highlights this year is also a workshop with Gurmehar Kaur for students on online safety and being safe online.

Women are vulnerable to online security breaches, fake news, gendered abuse and sexual harassment. Whether it’s a troll or an eve teaser, online or offline women remain easy targets. The challenges are many and identified but the solutions are yet few, and imperfect.

Speaking on the same Ms Shaili Chopra Founder Shethep​eo​ple​.TV said, Fake news and gendered abuse is our reality today. Every single day women are faced with patriarchal behaviour online aside of the fact we have backward value systems that believe access to data and internet is ruining’ the lives of women. It’s time to have a positive dialogue on social media for change and put the spotlight on safety tools available for women and get in feedback on what more can be done.” The Safety Summit is a one of its kind effort to explore cyber issues specifically targeted at women. This year there will be one in Delhi and later in September another one in Mumbai.

Originally published in International News and Views.