Sep 2015 05

Workshop on Last Mile Models for National Optic Fibre Network

India International Centre

The workshop “Taking Internet to Rural Communities: Last Mile Models for the National Optical Fibre Network” was organised by IT for Change, in partnership with Society for Knowledge Commons, Ideosync Media Combine and Digital Empowerment Foundation.

The workshop was organized in the context of Government of India’s National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) project aimed at reaching fibre to every panchayat in India. The discussions sought to highlight policy blind-spots regarding how connectivity will be carried from the NOFN back-haul to people’s homes, local businesses, and local institutions like schools, hospitals and community centres.

The workshop examined the policy and institutional requirements for universalizing broadband in India. Different technology options were also explored. Various community-based models, ranging from local governments directly providing connectivity, to their partnering with local entrepreneurs, to relying on private actors licensed by local governments, were considered.

The Internet Democracy Project participated in the event.