Sep 2013 16 – 17

Workshop on Cross-Border Frameworks for Interoperability and Fair Process

India International Centre, New Delhi

The Internet & Jurisdiction Project, in collaboration with the Centre for Communication Governance of the National Law University Delhi, is organising a workshop on ‘Handling the tension between terms of service and national jurisdictions: What cross-border frameworks to ensure interoperability and fair process?’

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To identify high-level trends related to the Internet and jurisdiction in India.

  • To document how states, platforms and users cope with the regulatory patchwork of national laws in areas such as privacy, defamation, copyright and freedom of expression.

  • To explore what multi-stakeholder frameworks can be developed to handle seizures, takedowns and Law Enforcement Agencies’ access to user data.

The workshop is part of a series of meetings convened by the Internet & Jurisdiction Project with different stakeholder groups around the world (Brazil, Europe, India and US). The results of the discussion will feed into the Workshop 42 Fair process frameworks for cross-border online spaces’ at the Internet Governance Forum 2013 in Indonesia, which takes place on October 22 – 252013.

The Internet Democracy Project is participating in the Delhi event.