Dec 2016 30

Workshop on Privacy and Digital Security

Feminist Approach to Technology, New Delhi

The Internet Democracy Project is conducting a workshop with members of Feminist Approach to Technology as part of our ongoing work on gender and surveillance.

The workshop is designed to examine practices of social’ surveillance by family members and friends, in the use of information and communication technologies by girls, and also more generally in their day-to-day lives. 

The activities aim to look closely at the resistance and subversion employed by girls to combat scrutiny and use these insights to problematise increasing securitisation by the State and surveillance by corporate actors. The safety’ discourses which are used to restrict freedoms of girls are not so different from the safety’ discourses which are used by the State to conduct unencumbered communications surveillance.

The participants in the workshop are members of the organisation Feminist Approach to Technology. Feminist Approach to Technology is a not‐​for‐​profit organization that believes in empowering women by enabling them to access, use and create technology through a feminist rights‐​based framework.