Feb 2020 02

That Syncing Feeling: Big Data & Little Me 

A Little Anarky Films, Bedlam, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, 4 pm-7 pm


This workshop is hosted by Gather Around Sisters and Bedlam to discuss our fundamental right to privacy and the state of surveillance technology in the light of upcoming Personal Data Protection Bill and to explore questions around personal autonomy and the role of big data in digital space. Drawing on the Internet Democracy Project’s extensive work on the issue gendering surveillance, Shraddha Mahilkar and Tripti Jain are facilitating the workshop.

I have nothing to hide” that bottom shelf argument in favor of or apathy with increasing surveillance.

For any woman individuating into the fullness of their personhood — politically, as a sexual creature, artistically, through atypical choices, by objections with the status quo — having her privacy invaded or compromised, violates the integrity of her very being.

How exactly our data is used? How are we tracked and targeted? Is surveillance reducing crime? How digitally advanced are our law enforcement and Government? Can ethics and law match the pace with innovation? Are there any secure spaces on the Internet? How are we vulnerable and empowered within the current status quo?