Feb 2015 04

State of Internet Rights and Freedom in India

India International Centre, New Delhi, 9 am-1 pm

This consultation is organised by the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF). The Internet Democracy Project is taking part.

DEF is currently conducting a country level research to understand the current state of internet rights and freedom in India. This consultation aims to fill the gaps between traditional human rights and internet policy discussions by fostering dialogue among stakeholders to advance internet freedoms. The report will include views, comments and recommendations around policy gaps to protect human rights, online and offline.

To that end, the objective of this consultation is to seek expert views and recommendations that can be incorporated in to the country report on the following issues:

  • Constitutional and policy framework around freedom of speech, information and assembly

  • Online blocking and communication surveillance

  • Criminalising legitimate expression

  • Intermediary liabilities

  • Right to privacy and data protection

  • Cyber attacks

  • Access

  • International human rights mechanisms

  • Women’s human rights

  • Internet governance