Anja Kovacs is a panelist on the session on ‘Social and cultural benefits’

In spite of the rising importance of cyberspace issues, there was no general place to discuss a broad range of issues, from international security and cybercrime to economic and social benefits of the Internet. The UK government founded the conference on cyberspace, the London Agenda, in 2011 in order to establish a minimum common ground across countries on the issues, providing a platform for the global village to discuss diverse aspects of cyberspace.

The Seoul Conference will take place on October 17 – 18, 2013, with approximately 800 delegates from more than 80 countries expected to gather. Seoul is the third host of the conference on cyberspace following London and Budapest.

In Seoul, representatives from governments, international and regional organizations, such as ITU and OECD, NGOs and global enterprises will discuss cyberspace issues, drawing on their professional knowledge and practical experience. Under the main theme, Global Prosperity through an Open and Secure Cyberspace — Opportunities, Threats and Cooperation’, the Conference will focus on six areas: Economic Growth and Development, Social and Cultural Benefits, Cybersecurity, International Security, Cybercrime, and Capacity Building.