Mar 2017 24

Roundtable on Privacy and Data Protection

National Institute of Public Finance and Policy Auditorium, New Delhi

This event is organised by the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP). The Internet Democracy Project is participating.

There has been a re-emergence of interest in privacy and data protection issues in India owing to the rise of big data, the debates surrounding Aadhaar, and the government’s push towards a cashless/less-cash economy. There is an urgent need to develop a privacy framework that makes India compliant with globally accepted privacy and data-protection standards.

Towards this end, NIFPF is organising this roundtable. The agenda consists of three parts:

Session 1: The need for a privacy law

Session 2: Framework for a privacy law

Session 3: Challenges and way forward

Representatives of all stakeholder groups will be attending.