Sep 2016 06

SFLC Roundtable on Hateful/Harassing Speech Online

India International Centre, New Delhi (Software Freedom Law Centre, India) is organizing the second in a series of consultations on hateful/harassing speech online.

Nayantara Ranganathan from the Internet Democracy Project will be attending the consultation.

The consultation will bring together representatives from relevant stakeholder groups including Government, industry, civil society, academia, and the user-community at a roundtable discussion to conceptualize effective means to tackle the issue.

The previous roundtable in the series had highlighted several sub-themes relevant for future discussions, such as the role of online intermediaries in combating hateful and harassing speech, effective implementation of existing laws, capacity building for law enforcement functionaries, and sensitization of the Internet’s user-community. At this roundtable, this dialogue will be carried forward with added emphasis on concrete responses at the state and non-state levels.