Jun 2017 30

Nationwide Stakeholder Consultations on Safety of Women and Children

Plaza Hotel, Begumpet, Hyderabad

The Telangana Police and the Indian Police Foundation are jointly organising national stakeholder consultations on safety of women and children. This is part of a series of ongoing consultations in several states. Nayantara from the Internet Democracy Project will be representing the Internet Democracy Project at the meeting.

The consultation will involve police leadership at the State levels, field police officers, Government Departments, Prosecutors, Criminologists, NGOs working for the rights of women, adolescents & children, those representing women workers both in the organised and the unorganised sector, academic scholars, lawyers, teachers, students etc.

The stated aims and objectives of the consultations are:

  • To study State-wise, the prevalence of different forms of vulnerabilities and manifest sexual violence against women and children; to gather insight into the multiple layers of societal issues and complexities associated with such violence.
  • To map the existing security practices and strategies being followed; the technological tools that have been developed and deployed; the extent of their effectiveness and gaps if any; to identify the interventions that are known to work.
  • Based on the wealth of knowledge, learnings and ideas so generated from across States and cities, the IPF will develop, construct and refine a comprehensive whitepaper of actionable strategies for consideration of policy makers and field police officers.
  • To develop a clear and strong community-centric vision on security of women and children; promoting citizens’ buy-in and fostering a broad sense of joint ownership of the strategy for a more proactive and preventive model.