Mar 2019 18

IE Thinc: Technology – Empowering the Marginalised

Claridges, New Delhi

`IE Thinc’ is an initiative of The Indian Express which seeks out decision makers, thought leaders, policy makers to discuss specific issues that are a challenge to society. The key is to encourage a substantive exchange of ideas on key issues confronting, the country and get the best minds to suggest solutions. Dr. Anja Kovacs will be a speaker in the panel on the role of digitisation in the empowerment of women.

Digitisation is giving voice to women and the marginalised communities. Creating spaces for equality, share ideas and come together to take the fight for their rights forward.

This event will explore how technology has worked in favour of the rights of women and marginalised people in two different sessions.

Speakers include Priya Gangwani, Co-founder of Gaysi Family, Asha Kowtal, General Secretary of the All India Dalit Mahila Adhikari Manch, and Ravichandran Batharan, Founder of Dalit Camera.