Sep 2016 27 – 28

ICT 4 SRHR: National Consultation on Leveraging Technology for Advancing Knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

This consultation is organised by CREA, TARSHI, Gurgaon ki Awaaz, Gram Vaani (now Onion Dev).

Dr. Anja Kovacs is speaking on the session on ‘Law, Morality, Ethics, Backlash and Online Gatekeeping’.

ICT 4 SRHR’ is an attempt to substantively interrogate the potential pros and cons of the use of ICTs for SRHR. The lessons learned from implementing Kahi Ankahi Baatein, a 24×7 mobile helpline for young people on SRHR, provided the impetus to the various partner organisations (CREA, TARSHI, Gurgaon ki Awaaz, Gram Vaani [now Onion Dev]) to plan this national consultation.

The consultation seeks to take forward the vital conversation on the potential and successes in use of ICTs but also the critical challenges related to access, control over technology and content creation, privacy, freedom of expression and the increasing use of criminal laws to adjudicate on information dissemination using ICTs (such as through the Information Technology Act, 2000) and in working with young people (such as the age of sexual consent, through POCSO, 2012, among other laws).

The consultation brings together diverse civil society organisations, individuals and other stakeholders who have implemented or invested in similar programmes as Kahi Ankahi Baatein or who have critically examined, over the years, various dimensions of the use of ICTs to disseminate information related to gender, sexuality and SRHR. It seeks to create a space for building collaborations and learning from both the successes and failures in the use of ICTs, to prepare for the future.

Objectives of the consultation:

  1. Bringing together different groups working in the area of SRHR related information dissemination using technological innovations and encouraging a cross sector engagement to create visibility around the work done in this space.

  2. To create a space for discussing achievements, challenges and processes in programme implementation for SRHR information dissemination.

  3. To foster strategic partnerships with the government/​funders/​other civil society groups.