Dec 2017 02 – 03

At the Global Voices Summit 2017, the Global Voices community of bloggers, activists, social media experts and geeks from around the globe will come together to discuss the evolving state of the open Internet, online civic movements and human rights in the digital age. In interactive sessions, panels, and debates, we will delve into complex issues ranging from misinformation/disinformation to corporate hijinks to legal threats against bloggers and activists. Anja Kovacs will be speaking in three sessions at the Summit.

Since 2006, Global Voices Summits have brought together the most innovative and inspiring digital activist and citizen media communities from around the world. Past Summits in London, New Delhi, Budapest, Santiago de Chile, Nairobi and Cebu City have strengthened community ties, sparked new friendships, and served as a rich breeding ground for new ideas and collaborations across borders.

For each Summit, Global Voices seeks a location that is of strategic importance for citizen media. It also considers the country’s press freedom record and ease of access for visitors of different nationalities. Sri Lanka, with its creative and historically important citizen media scene and pioneering work in digital media since the 1990s, has experienced and learned from many of the opportunities and challenges to its online communities the rest of the world is now experiencing.

With participants from over 70 countries in attendance, the Global Voices Summit 2017 is sure to be a truly global campaign and discussion.

Anja Kovacs will be speaking in the following sessions:

Why is the Web So Unequal? 2 December, 3.154.15 pm

Other speakers are Njeri Wangari Wanjohi and Nathan Matias. The session is moderated by Solana Larsen

How Can We Keep the Internet Open and Safe for All Voices? 3 December, 9.1510.15 am.

Other speakers are Guy Berger and Snehashish Ghosh. The session is moderated by Malavika Jayaram.

How the Internet Helps (and Hurts) Women’s Movements Around the World. 3 December, 3.304.30 pm.

Other speakers are Simin Kargar, Prudence Nyamishana and Taisa Sganzerla. The session is moderated by Janine Mendes-Franco.

Global Voices Summits combine a public conference focused on key issues impacting citizen media and the global Internet, with a closed, working meeting for the Global Voices community.