Jan 2017 11

Gendering Surveillance – A Workshop

Thought Factory, Diamond District, Bangalore

The Internet Democracy Project and HasGeek are organising ‘Gendering Surveillance’, a workshop to bring together developers, designers and Internet and human rights activists to discuss questions about surveillance, privacy and security from a gender perspective.

Some of the questions we seek to address at the workshop are: 

  • How can applying a gender lens to surveillance deepen our knowledge about the harms of surveillance and the value of privacy? 
  • Who is at risk? What kind of risks? Can those who belong to a group that is vulnerable — women, persons of non-binary gender, Muslims — take risks as easily as those who don’t?
  • Which other lenses can we adopt to more fully understand how and why surveillance takes place in the online world, and how we can protect our identities? How much of ourselves do we want to reveal, and how much do we want to hide? How much choice do we have? 
  • And what can we, as individuals and organisations, do in our work to not further the culture of surveillance and maximise privacy protections in the digital age?