Dec 2019 12 – 13

Future Unclear

Studio, Tandem Research, Aldona, Goa

This two-day learning lab is organised by Point of View and Tandem Research, with the aim of diving deep into the tangled web of relationships between our (physical) bodies and our (digital) devices. The learning lab will include a talk by Dr. Anja Kovacs on data and bodies, followed by discussion.

The lab will consist of 20 participants including researchers, practitioners, journalists and technologists. The idea behind this lab is to showcase ground-breaking research and knowledge in the Indian context on the following issues – and to surface new ways of looking at and thinking about these.

1. Bodies, Data and Protection: Data protection policies and regulations typically aim to protect data. But are bodies adequately represented in these discourses?

2. Online Pornography and Sexual Expression: How can we redefine online pornography, which is always seen – and used – as an excuse to curtail expression?

3. Hate Speech and Misinformation: While new evidence shows how hate speech insidiously courses through platforms from TikTok to WhatsApp, what is the role of platforms in preventing this?

4. Facial Recognition and Women’s Safety: Eight cities in India will soon launch facial recognition programs as part of safe city programs. But are these technologies themselves safe’?

The lab aims to approach these issues conceptually and critically, to unpack some of the assumptions, narratives, interests, and values shaping conversations around these issues in India; to surface invisible or marginalised narratives and perspectives; and to identify policy pathways for India that centre users’ rights and interests.