The fourteenth IGF, hosted by the Government of Germany under the overarching theme ‘One World. One Net. One Vision’ will bring together more than 2000 participants from different stakeholder groups. Dr Anja Kovacs will be presenting the Internet Democracy Project’s work on’ The body as data in the age of datafication’ at an event organised by the Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance session, as well as speaking on the panel on ‘Value and Regulation of Personal Data in the BRICS’, organised by the CyberBRICS Project at the FGV Law School, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This IGF will focus on how digital frontier technologies bring benefits to our economies and societies. Their transformative impact is critical to the future sustainability of our world and to the achievements of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). However, with these great benefits come a growing number of concerns and challenges. Increasingly we are faced with cyber-attacks, data and privacy breaches, and proliferation of hate speech and censorship. These and other emerging challenges threaten to undermine the beneficial impact of the Internet.

Dr Anja Kovacs will present at the following events:

  • Meeting of the Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance

When: 28 November, 9:30am — 11:00am

Where: Saal B, Estrel Hotel

What: This year, the DC GIG session will be used as a knowledge sharing space where Dr. Anja Kovacs will present her work, The body as data in the age of datafication. This looks at data as an extension of the body, rather than as a resource that is simply out there, and are now investigating what applying that perspective means for different policy questions. She will also outline why it is essential to put bodies back into our discussions on data governance.

The event will also have the following four fantastic discussants who will engage with this work:

1) Dr. Ruhiya Seward

2) Professor KS Park

3) Kyoungmi Oh

4) Chenai Chair

Moderator of the event is Smita Vanniyar, Point of View

Update: watch the video of the session here:

  • Value and Regulation of Personal Data in the BRICS

When: 27 November, 16.4018.10

Where: Raum I

What: Over the past decade BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) alone have added more than one billion users to the world’s Internet population and, over the next decade, a further one billion of BRICS nationals will be connected to the Internet. This incredible number of individuals are personal data producers, innovators and consumers and enjoy an ample range of rights, shaped by the various regulatory instruments that BRICS countries have recently adopted and are adopting with regard to data protection. Importantly, as the majority of the world’s Internet population is going to be increasingly BRICS centered, the policies adopted by these countries are likely to have global impact. In such perspective, this workshop will address the following policy questions:

1) What national laws (or other type of normative acts) regulate the collection and use of personal data in the BRICS country?

2) Do the laws recently adopted by BRICS countries apply to foreign entities that do not have physical presence in such countries?

3) Are data protection laws adopted by BRICS countries based on fundamental rights defined in Constitutional law or International binding documents?

4) Are the newly adopted frameworks converging or diverging from other existing frameworks such as the European one? And are BRICS national frameworks they converging amongst themselves?

In addition to Dr. Anja Kovacs, the event will have the following panellists:

1) Dirk Delmartino, Private Sector, African Group

2) Andrey Shcherbovich, Civil Society, Eastern European Group

3) Achilles Zaular, Government, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)

4) Min Jiang, Civil Society, Asia-Pacific Group

5) Sophie Kwasny, Intergovernmental Organization, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)

6) Luca Belli, Civil Society, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)