Nov 2018 30

Facebook Privacy Design Sprint

WeWork, Koramangala, Bangalore

The Facebook Privacy Design Sprint is a one day workshop, organised and conducted by Quicksand Studio. The central theme of this workshop is to examine the notions of data privacy, consciousness and consumption in India. Facebook also wants to use this sprint to invite feedback / point to any elephants in the room! Tandem Research is curating the panel discussion at the event, and hopes to bring together informed, critical, and constructive voices that can further conversations around data privacy in India. Nayantara from the Internet Democracy Project will participate in a panel discussion.

From the recent controversies around the use and misuse of government data to targeting social media campaigning, to concerns around the growth of a surveillance economy, data privacy is an urgent concern in India. The supreme court has recognized the right to privacy as a fundamental right that is intrinsic to the right to life and personal liberty, and a data protection framework is currently being deliberated. A recent study shows that Indian citizens highly prized their privacy and wished to protect it, including the poor when they understood the implications. Other studies also show that privacy is a deeply social construct, shaped by broader socioeconomic norms and practices. There is a need for governments and companies to examine their approach towards privacy and re-imagine privacy policies, and for users to be educated and made aware about privacy and data sharing, particularly as they embrace increasing digitization and datafication of their lives.

What are the various social frames being used in conversations and policy frameworks for data privacy in India?

Are there unique challenges for privacy, given India’s socioeconomic landscape? What are the challenges in obtaining meaningful consent? Is consent an adequate framework?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the data protection framework currently under negotiation?

What are the various levels/​ways in which privacy may be safeguarded — from design to policy to education?

The workshop will bring together stakeholder groups engaged with and affected by the practice and policies around privacy, including civil society organizations and activists, subject matter experts, technologists, content creators, and media influencers, as well as representatives of actual users of Facebook.