Sep 2017 21 – 22

Digital Citizen Summit 2017 

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

The Digital Empowerment Foundation is organising the second Digital Citizen Summit on the 21st and 22nd September 2017. The Internet Democracy Project organised a panel ‘Going beyond privacy: the social justice implications of surveillance’ and co-organised ‘Don’t Let It Stand’, a roundtable on online abuse in India with Feminism In India.

The key objective of the summit is to find a solution to bridge the digital divide, and finding ways to providing as many with the means to access information, and creating a platform for youth, women and social media enthusiasts to raise awareness about internet rights, digital literacy, and digital security.

Panelists for Going beyond privacy: the social justice implications of surveillance’ were: 
 — Srinivas Kodali, independent researcher and open data activist 
 — Dhrubo Jyoti, journalist 
 — Anoo Bhuyan, journalist 
 — Renu Arya, Young Women’s Leadership Program at Feminist Approach to Technology 
 — Nayantara R, Internet Democracy Project 

Roundtable on online abuse, Don’t Let It Stand’, co-organised with Feminism In India, had the following speakers: 
 — Nadika, writer and researcher 
 — Piyush Aggarwal, journalist 
 — Prasanth Suganthan, Software Freedom Law Centre 
 — Japleen Pasricha, Feminism In India 
 — Nayantara R, Internet Democracy Project