Sep 2017 21 – 22

The Digital Empowerment Foundation is organising the second Digital Citizen Summit on the 21st and 22nd September 2017. The Internet Democracy Project organised a panel ‘Going beyond privacy: the social justice implications of surveillance’ and co-organised ‘Don’t Let It Stand’, a roundtable on online abuse in India with Feminism In India.

The key objective of the summit is to find a solution to bridge the digital divide, and finding ways to providing as many with the means to access information, and creating a platform for youth, women and social media enthusiasts to raise awareness about internet rights, digital literacy, and digital security.

Panelists for Going beyond privacy: the social justice implications of surveillance’ were: 
 — Srinivas Kodali, independent researcher and open data activist 
 — Dhrubo Jyoti, journalist 
 — Anoo Bhuyan, journalist 
 — Renu Arya, Young Women’s Leadership Program at Feminist Approach to Technology 
 — Nayantara R, Internet Democracy Project 

Roundtable on online abuse, Don’t Let It Stand’, co-organised with Feminism In India, had the following speakers: 
 — Nadika, writer and researcher 
 — Piyush Aggarwal, journalist 
 — Prasanth Suganthan, Software Freedom Law Centre 
 — Japleen Pasricha, Feminism In India 
 — Nayantara R, Internet Democracy Project