Aug 2019 30

Dialogue on Policies for the Platform Economy

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

IT for Change is organising a panel discussion in the context of the release of their research project on platformisation and the governance of digital platforms. Nayantara will be speaking on a panel discussion on AI in India.

Among the key global debates today, the governance of digital platforms has garnered widespread policy attention. Lawmakers and citizens have been forced to wake up to the many unanticipated consequences of a no-holds barred platformisation that is changing the ground rules of the global economy. IT for Change recently concluded a two year international research study on the issue with support from IDRC, Canada. 

Key highlights of this research will be presented and the occasion will be used to trigger a focused policy related discussion that can examine India’s fledgling policies in the domain. The event will bring together senior bureaucrats, scholars, rights advocates, technologists and think tanks at the event.