Mar 2020 24

Data Governance Network’s 4th Quarterly Roundtable


The Data Governance Network’s online quarterly meeting is organised by the Internet Democracy Project. Four draft research papers and one research proposal will be presented and discussed during the meeting by the network’s research nodes: IDFC Institute, National Institute for Public Finance and Policy and IT for Change, along with the Internet Democracy Project. Each paper presentation will be followed by a discussant and an open discussion.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Data Governance Network’s quarterly roundtable has been shifted online. Following a unique format, pre-recorded video presentations and draft papers will be shared beforehand with the participants for a productive discussion.

The schedule for the event is as follows:

22.15: Welcome and opening remarks — Anja Kovacs and Venky Hariharan 


Using GIS for Public Health and Its Privacy Implications: A Kerala Case Study — Harsh Vardhan Pachisia and Girish Gupta (IDFC Institute)

Discussant: Thejesh GN

2.45 – 3.15:

Regulating Digital Economy with a Focus on Data and Intelligence Value Chains — Parminder Jeet Singh (IT for Change)

Discussant: Divij Joshi

3.15 – 3.45:

Informed Consent, Said Who? A Feminist Perspective on Principles of Consent in the Age of Embodied Data — Tripti Jain (Internet Democracy Project)

Discussant: Kalyani Menon-Sen

3.454.00: Break


Towards a Responsible Enforcement by the DPA — Renuka Sane (NIPFP)

Discussant: Anirudh Burman


Data in Healthcare: How India Approaches Privacy Harms — Alexander Fager (IDFC Institute)

Discussant: Anja Kovacs

5.005.15: Thank you and wrap up — Anja Kovacs and Venky Hariharan