Dec 2019 13

Data Governance Network 3rd Quarterly Roundtable 

National Law School of India University, Bengaluru

The Third Quarterly Roundtable of Data Governance Network (DGN) was organized with the aim to present on-going research on complex issues such as privacy, the economic value of data and regulating Big Tech, to ensure critical scrutiny born of diverse perspectives, from both within and without the Network, that ensures the nuance and rigor that is often absent in policy debates. Dr Anja Kovacs from the Internet Democracy Project presented the Research Proposal “Consent in the age of embodied data: An assessment of law and technology requirements”.

While usage of data is exploding, our governance systems have not kept pace. The Data Governance Network is an attempt to provide policymakers with the tools they need to bridge this gap — from foundational thinking in an area that is rapidly becoming overwhelmingly important to our economy and society, to evidence-based policy prescriptions.

The working papers will go through a double-blind peer-review process before being revised and published on the DGN website. The proposals will be turned into full working papers at our next round table, scheduled for March 2020 in Delhi.