Jan 2021 27 – 28

Data Governance Network 7th Quarterly Roundtable


The Data Governance 7th Quarterly Roundtable was hosted by IT for Change. It was a two-day event where researchers from different nodes presented their latest papers and research proposals. Tripti Jain from the Internet Democracy Project presented her paper, “Tech framework to manage and facilitate consent: Panacea or predicament? A feminist perspective”. A research proposal was presented by Dr Anja Kovacs.

Spread over 2 days this event showcased the latest research done by the researchers from NIPFP, IT For Change and Internet Democracy Project on data governance. The papers presented had a wide range of themes that are particularly relevant to the current times ranging from linking Aadhaar with social media accounts to discussions on the models that will help facilitate consent and data sharing from a feminist perspective to a community rights ownership approach.

The first day of DGN 7th quarterly roundtable was open for general participation. Whereas the 2nd day was a closed-door meeting on the upcoming research proposals presented by the nodes.

The schedule for the first day can be found on the tweet below: