Dec 2019 06

Data Designs for the Next Half Billion

Leela Palace, Bengaluru, 3.30-5.30 pm

This closed-door discussion is organised on the sidelines of Carnegie India’s Global Technology Summit. Dr. Anja Kovacs has been invited to share the Internet Democracy Project’s perspectives on data and privacy during the meeting.

The voice of the average Indian is lost in the current techno-legal discourse on data privacy. Beyond the right regulation, what would it take to make the data economy’ safer for the next half billion Indians who will come online in the next few years? Current platforms are designed keeping in mind the cultural context of the average American and, at best, a rich, urban, digitally savvy Indians. More work is needed to understand the needs and preferences of the last-mile consumer.

This session intends to discuss the challenges in onboarding the next half billion on to digital platforms safely and providing them greater control over their digital personas.