Jul 2016 06 – 08

The workshop brings together participants across a range of academic disciplines and practitioner communities for intensive research collaboration on Internet openness, security, and rights. Research topics include network interference, application privacy and security, targeted digital attacks, government and private sector transparency practices, and country-level information controls. Nayantara Ranganathan from the Internet Democracy Project will be participating in the workshop.

The first day of the workshop would include networking and panel sessions that highlight cutting edge research and open questions for the community. The streams are:

Network Interference and Circumvention (measuring and circumventing forms of network interference including Internet censorship, throttling, application level censorship, network shutdowns, etc.),

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance (analyzing the technologies, laws, and policies that enable targeted and passive surveillance, along with technologies and practices for evading surveillance),

App and Device Analysis (conducting security and privacy audits of mobile and desktop applications and hardware devices) and

Corporate and Public Transparency (developing research methods for documenting corporate and government transparency and discuss advocacy strategies for pushing for greater transparency in these sectors).

This would be followed by two days of collaborating on projects.