“Caught in the Web: Online Safety and Surveilling of Young People,” Locker Room Talks A Dialogue Series is organised by The YP Foundation. Radhika Radhakrishnan will be speaking on the panel. The focus of the discussion will be to reimagine online privacy and content ownership, from the perspective of creating accessible safe virtual spaces for people of all genders.

The YP Foundation wishes to create a reflective space for listening and learning as practitioners working with boys and men, as well as other young people across genders on issues of gender, sexuality and violence.

Format of the discussion

The discussion will be organized in a moderated round-table format with invited speakers starting off the discussion and then responding or adding to each others’ comments, to build on a set of questions circulated beforehand. The discussion would only be open for the participants and will be broadcast over the web for a larger interested audience to listen and leave comments or questions for deliberation.

Proposed Discussions

  1. What seems cool about Sex, Sexuality and Violence: Understanding the teen terrain Understanding the terrain of young people’s lives online and in class. Issues around gender, sexuality and relationships that occupy young people’s lives and what are the new spaces where these are played out.

  2. Intersectionality on Instagram: intersecting realities and conflicting narratives Making sense of the multiple issues that got tagged with the #BoisLockerRoom incident. How do we acknowledge pressures, experience of violence and hold oppressors accountable at the same time.

  3. Crime and Punishment: Incidents of violence involving minors or young people are particularly polarising in the way criminal action is demanded and decided. Moving beyond quick fix solutions through punishment and criminalisation, this discussion would address systemic overhauls required to reimagine the purpose, process and potential of the school system. It would also examine the calls for reducing the age for trials in cases of sexual violence and the pressure of public morality on slow and systemic solution finding.

  4. Caught in the Web: Online safety and surveilling young people. Social media incidents almost always generate shaming of both victims and perpetrators in different ways and ultimately end up fixing some responsibility of being aware and responsible on the survivors. This discussion would address the need to think differently about online safety and address the issue of online privacy through existing legal frameworks. It would also inform future advocacy for online safety and freedom.

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Update: Watch a video recording of the webinar is available here:

Caught in the Web

Locker Room Talks 4

Posted by The YP Foundation on Wednesday, 1 July 2020