Aug 2014 31

The third annul meeting of civil society network Best Bits will take place just before the IGF in Istanbul. As a member of the Best Bits Steering Committee, Anja Kovacs has been involved in the organisation of the event. She is also co-facilitating the session on the ‘Follow-up to WSIS+10 and tactics moving forward’.

Best Bits brings together a diverse group of activists and experts from the Global North and South who are working on Internet governance and Internet rights from different perspectives. The network offers an open space where each group can present and advocate for the initiatives that they believe offer the best positive agenda for advancing broadly shared civil society interests in Internet governance. Through knowledge sharing, it provides the opportunity for broader engagement in and better coordination of these initiatives. The aim is that this will lead to more informed, effective, inclusive and complementary advocacy outcomes.

This year’s meeting will have sessions on:

  • Highlights and tactics for the IGF;

  • Follow-up to WSIS+10 and tactics moving forward;

  • A policy slam, which will cover, among other issues, the African draft Declaration of Internet rights and freedoms; the Latin American learning platform; TPP and the impact of trade on IG (Burcu); feminist principles for the Internet; the ITU Plenipot; and the Istanbul Internet Ungovernance Forum;

  • The way forward for Best Bits.

A detailed agenda for the meeting and a list of participants can be accessed on the Best Bits website.