May 2020 08

Another Pandemic: Intersection of Digital Abuse


This Townhall (via Zoom) is hosted by Breakthrough, to discuss issues around the rising violence against women in digital spaces during the COVID19 pandemic. Catch Dr Anja Kovacs speaking on the panel, along with other experts.

It’s evident that violence against women is rising during this global pandemic and, just as it is in physical spaces, there is a rise in women facing abuse online. In the context of religion/​caste, women with intersectional identities are often subjected to more violence than anyone. Organised trolling, death/​rape threats, the creation of fake information, breach of privacy and much more is being used in order to threaten the dignity of women users online; for many, they have become a target for merely voicing their opinion and talking against discrimination or in many cases, just because of their identity.

To take this conversation forward with the larger audience, Breakthrough is organising a Townhall (via Zoom) to discuss all these aspects, challenges and more with activists working on digital media and organisations handling cases of online violence.

Apart from Dr. Anja Kovacs, the speakers are

1) Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Equality Labs

2) Bishakha Datta, Point of View

3) Amitabh Kumar, Social Media Matters

4) Mariya Salim, activist.

The link to the meeting is given below:

Link: https://​bit​.ly/​35​zJu0Y

Meeting ID: 874 5637 2050

Password: 9T+aGidL%Y

Update: A recording of this event can now be accessed here: