Jul 2018 24 – 25

AI for All – A Meeting of Tandem Research’s Technology Foresight Group

Aldona, Goa

Dr. Anja Kovacs will be participating in a meeting of Tandem Research’s Technology Foresight Group (TFG) on AI for All. The TFG brings together multiple and diverse stakeholders to deliberate Technology and Society Futures in India.

The July meeting is the first in a series of six policy labs that Tandem Research will host in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) to deliberate the principles, policies and practices required to develop ethical, safe and inclusive Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India.

The NITI Aayog’s National Artificial Intelligence Strategy for India released recently is a good start – but many complex issues need to be resolved to ensure the development of equitable AI in India.

Market signals alone will not be sufficient to generate AI applications for societal needs. Unguided AI development could pose a host of complex risks associated with accountability, bias, unintended consequences and malevolent use. Social steering of AI through policies is critical, to align technological trajectories to innovate applications that address societal goals and development needs of the poor.

Through a series of six policy labs — Tandem’s AI for ALL Initiative will identify strategies and policies for the development of ethical, safe and inclusive AI in India, to address development needs in areas of health, education, environment and agriculture.