Mar 2018 02 – 03

Founded in 2010, Nullcon aims to discuss and showcase the future of information security and the next-generation of offensive and defensive security technology. Dr. Anja Kovacs is speaking in the civil society track, on ‘Regulating cybersecurity: The trouble with, in, and for policy’.

Nullcon started as a gathering for researchers and organizations to brain storm and demonstrate why the current technology is not sufficient and what should be the focus for the coming years pertaining to information security. In addition to security, one of the section of the conference called Desi Jugaad (Hindi for Local Hack”) is dedicated to hacking where the organisers invite researchers who come up with innovative security/tech/non-tech solutions for solving real life challenges or taking up new initiatives.

Nullcon is managed and marketed by Payatu Technologies. The idea of nullcon emerged out of null — The open security community, a registered not-for-profit society and the largest active security community in India with over 8 chapters in major cities — Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Mysore, Trivandrum and Delhi. As a tribute to the community nullcon funds null to further null’s cause and supports all of its initiatives.

Dr. Anja Kovacs’s talk is sheduled for Day 1 of the conference, 2 March, at 12 noon in the Activity room.