When and where is Aarogya Setu mandatory? We’re keeping track

by Tanisha Ranjit

The Indian Government has launched the Aarogya Setu app as a response to COVID-19. While initially termed voluntary, we noticed that soon after its launch, the app started to be pushed by various governments, non-government establishments and private bodies as mandatory, or forced on people in other ways.

Our Aarogya Setu Tracker attempts to document all these cases. Access the Aarogya Setu Tracker here.

To make the tracker as exhaustive as possible, we need your help! If you come across relevant news items/orders (especially those in regional languages), please forward them to email hidden; JavaScript is required or tag us on Twitter (@iNetDemocracy). After fact-checking the item, we will add it to the tracker.

The information in the tracker has been collected from primary sources (i.e. orders, notifications, press releases) and secondary sources (i.e. newspaper articles).

The information has been sorted in four groups: (i) instances where the app has been mandatory; (ii) instances where the app has been proposed to be mandatory; (iii) instances where the usage of the app has been used to make people behave a certain way; and (iv) instances where the app has been endorsed/​encouraged/​advised.

The last two categories may overlap.

This list is currently non-exhaustive and will be continuously updated.

To acccess the Aarogya Setu Tracker, click here.