The workshop is organised by the Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR) under the project ‘The Philosophy and Law of Information Regulation in India’. It is an effort to collate multi-disciplinary scholarship on the subject of the law and philosophy of information regulation, with a specific focus on India. Radhika Radhakrishnan will be taking part as one of the discussants.

Much of the academic engagement with the law and philosophy of information regulation, has, however, remained limited to the specific legal and historical contexts of the USA or Europe. In India, while courts and legislatures, as well as legal academia and civil society, have engaged with these questions and generated empirical insight into these questions, there is a need to construct a rigorous theoretical foundation for questions of information regulation in India. Exploring these questions within the distinct historical and political context of information regulation in India, as well as from the analytical frameworks of the Indian constitutional and legal system, can not only add a critical dimension to this scholarship but also provide a theoretical basis for informing ongoing (and future) debates around information regulation in India.

Keeping this in mind the Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR) has invited multi-disciplinary submissions from fields of law, history of science, science and technology studies, informatics and information sciences, political and economic philosophy, design studies, and other related fields to reflect on the relationship between law, technology and information, with specific reference to the institutions of public law in India.

Schedule of the workshop can be accessed here.

The workshop is open to a limited number of participants to attend.

To register, please email divij.​joshi@​clpr.​org.​in, with your name, affiliation and one line on your interest in attending this workshop.