Aug 2020 26

The webinar is organised by to raise questions of digital access with respect to women in tech, in India. The focus of the webinar is on finding possible solutions to the issues related to access and participation in tech for women in India. Catch Dr Anja Kovacs, Director & Researcher at the Internet Democracy Project, in conversation with Maggie Inbamuthiah, Managing Director of India.

Inclusion has become a popular catchphrase in the last couple of years, but how does it translate to access in the digital world? We know that women’s access and participation in tech is uneven across social strata. This lack of equal opportunity has hit home, so to speak, with the advent of work from home, and online classes.

Get insights from the experts: Dr Anja Kovacs, Director & Researcher at the Internet Democracy Project in India and Maggie Inbamuthiah, Managing Director, AnitaB​.org India!

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