Apr 2021 27 – 28

The Data Governance Network's 8th Quarterly Round Table

The Data Governnace Networks 8th Quarterly Round Table

The Data Governance 8th Quarterly Roundtable will be hosted by the Internet Democracy Project. It was a two-day event where researchers from different nodes and guest organisations will present their latest papers and research proposals. Anja Kovacs and Radhika Rdhakrishanan from the Internet Democracy Project will be presenting one proposal and one paper respectively.

Schedule of The Data Governance Network’s 8th Quarterly Round Table:

Day — 1

04:0004:10 PM : Introductions

04:10 PM04:55 PM

Paper title: Understanding Patient Rights in the Age of Embodied Health Data: A Feminist Ecosystems Approach (Working title)

Presenter: Radhika Radhakrishnan

Discussant: Murali Neelakantan

04:55 PM05:40 PM

Paper title: Financing Models for Digital Infrastructure

Presenter: Harshita Agrawal

Discussant: Ameya Naik

05:40 PM06:15 PM

Paper title: 1.34 Billion Missing Pieces? Examining the Accuracy of Facial Processing Tools on Indian Faces

Presenter: Gaurav Jain

Discussant: Noopur Raval

06:15 PM06:20 PM: Closing Remarks

Day — 2

05:00 PM05:10 PM: Introductions

05:10 PM05:55 PM

Paper title: Governing the Abstract Object of Data- Reflections from Common Property Resource Traditions

Presenter: Anita Gurumurthy and Nandini Chami

Discussant: Arindrajit

05:55 PM06:40 PM

Paper title: Nudging towards data equity: The Role of Stewardship and Fiduciaries in the Digital Economy

Presenter: Astha Kapoor and Richard S Whitt

Discussant: Anouk Ruhaak

06:40 PM06:45 PM: Closing Remarks

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