Aug 2017 04

Online Safety Summit

Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi

SheThePeople.TV is organising ‘Online Safety Summit for Women’ in partnership with Facebook and Colors TV. The summit will focus on noting the risks of identity exploitations, financial risks, emotional harassment, awareness, knowledge and education, policy and law and enforcement about online safety among women. Dr. Anja Kovacs will be speaking on the panel ‘The Importance of Counter-Speech’.

Description of the event: Women are vulnerable to online security breaches and sexual harassment. Whether it’s a troll or an eve teaser, online or offline women remain easy targets. The challenges are many and identified but the solutions are yet few, and imperfect.

Speaking out is not easy when you don’t know who the abuser is just like identifying an eve teaser is difficult in a crowd. But the time has come to stop being helpless. Online safety is the need of the hour.

Online Safety Summit for Women powered by SheTheP​eo​ple​.TV is an attempt to get all stakeholders together and explore a consolidated approach to safety. A scaled effort, that will build on experiences, lessons, of varied organisations to reflect on the future that’s ahead of us.

Many women are told they must accept just that: If you don’t like the way you’re being treated online, you should log off. Or often they deal with the vagueness that the police wanted to help — but there was a clear lack of understanding.

SheTheP​eo​ple​.TV will produce a set of detailed long form papers as a follow up to the summit and share the same with the Ministry of Women and Child Development and other government bodies.


PANEL #1 The Social Safety Network
How the popular consumer platforms like FB, Twitter, Google are navigating the challenges of safety in a country like India. Lessons. Challenges. Solutions.

Ankhi Das, Facebook 
Mahima Kaul, Twitter 
Sunita Mohanty, Google 
Shaili Chopra, SheTheP​eo​ple​.TV

PANEL#2 The Issue of Access
Lack of the opportunity will never fix the numbers. This panel will aim to cover gendered access in terms of financial/​affordability, language, normative values, connectivity, information gaps etc.

Prasanto Roy, Nasscom 
Subho Ray of IAMAI 
Ranjana Kumari of CSR 
Monica Jasuja, Mastercard 

PANEL#3 The Importance Of Counter-Speech
The power of raising positive voices over the hate is a major piece of the puzzle. We need to speak more, not less.

Kiran Manral, SheTheP​eo​ple​.TV
Karuna Nundy, Lawyer 
Namita Bhandare, Journalist 
Anja Kovacs, Internet Democracy Project 

PANEL # 4 Responsible Rule Making On The Internet
Perspective from the government and independent analysts on how easily networks can manipulate what we see and read and how we make decisions, can look at it in a gendered manner as well.

Supreet Singh, Safecity 
Swati Maliwal, DCW 
Vandita Morarka, Legal Expert