Aug 2018 30

#Namaprivacy on India’s Data Protection Law

Royal Orchid hotel, Bangalore

Medianama is organising discussions around the personal data protection bill. Nayantara from the Internet Democracy Project will be speaking on a panel on data localisation, sovereignty and cross-border data flows.

The Justice Srikrishna Committee has released a draft data protection law for India, and the event will discuss issues related to the law: what needs to be changed in the final version, and what’s right and wrong with the current approach.

Session #1 Data processing and obligation and impact on business and users (Speakers: Vidushi Marda, P. Srinivas, Rahul Matthan & Kaushik Das)

Session #2 Data localisation, sovereignty, cross border data flows (Speakers: Nayantara Ranganathan, Vinay Kesari, Na. Vijayshankar)

Session #3 Governance of government data (Speakers: Alok Prasanna Kumar, Manasa Venkataraman, Anand Venkatanarayanan)