Sep 2016 01

#NAMA: Future of Internet Telephony

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Medianama is organising a curated discussion on the future of Internet Telephony. Participants include stakeholders across segments such as VoIP, messaging & cloud telephony companies, telecom operators, device manufacturers and regulatory members.

Nayantara Ranganathan from the Internet Democracy Project will be attending the discussion.

Among the topics of discussion will be-

  • Differences between VoIP and regular calling
  • Interconnection challenges between VoIP and regular calling
  • Applications and integration of VoIP with services, and building a growing VoIP ecosystem
  • The future of cloud telephony in the VoIP context
  • Security challenges for government agencies
  • Security issues for consumers
  • Addressing security challenges for VoIP services
  • Advantages and challenges with terminating VoIP into Public Switched Telephone Networks
  • Interconnection charges between VoIP and Public Switched Telephone Networks