Nov 2016 29 – 30

Imagine a Feminist Internet

YMCA, Mumbai

Is internet access for women being increasingly binarised into ‘good access’ and ‘bad access’? How is micro-targeted digital porn changing human sexuality? And are the consequences of tech surveillance gendered? Point of View, EROTICS and the Internet Democracy Project invite you to explore these, and many other questions, as we collectively Imagine A Feminist Internet over two days in Mumbai.

In imagining the web we want, we will draw on the Feminist Principles of the Internet that offer a gender and sexual rights perspective on critical internet-related rights. These principles were drafted at the first Imagine a Feminist Internet meeting in Malaysia in April 2014. Organised by Association for Progressive Communication (APC), it brought together 50 activists working on sexual rights, women’s rights, VAW, and internet rights. In July 2015, a new group of 40 activists discussed and revised the principles.

At Imagine a Feminist Internet, we will now be thinking of what it means to have a feminist Internet in the Indian context.



10.00 — 10.30: A to Z: Mapping a Feminist Internet 
10.30 — 11.15: Loitering Online: Some spatial reflections on feminist possibilities 
11.30 — 13.00: Criss-crossing the Net: Gender Sexuality Disability (Lightning talks) 
14.00 — 14.30: Gendering Surveillance: An Introduction 
14.30 — 15.15: Hello, I love you’? Going behind the mobile phone bans in North India 
15.45 — 17.15: Is your saviour downloadable? Assessing safety apps from a feminist perspective 
17.15 — 17.30: Reflections on anonymity 


09.30 — 11.30: Porn Panic Ban 
12:00 — 13.00: The Contours of Consent 
14.00 — 15.30: The Trumpcard of Protection: What discourses of safety and vigilance do to freedom in the digital age 
16.00 — 17.15: Towards a Feminist Internet, IRL 
17.15 — 17.30: Closing remarks and thank yous