Mar 2019 04

IAWRT Roundtable on Me Too

India International Centre, New Delhi, 4-7 pm.

To kick off the 15th edition of the IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival, IAWRT is organising a roundtable on Me Too in Indian media and film industry. Dr. Anja Kovacs is joining the roundtable as a panellist.

The 15th edition of our IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival is starting from March 5 to 7 at the IIC in New Delhi. Over 50 films are showcasing the work of Asian women directors at the festival including a country focus on Georgia.

On March 4, the festival will be kicked off by a roundtable on Me Too in Indian media and film industry — an informal brainstorming to do a status check on where we are at in the campaign and the challenges ahead. The discussion will be moderated by Paromita Vohra and Nupur Basu.